Downtown Phoenix Venues

Riette represented some of the best downtown phoenix wedding venues and approached Full Speed looking not just for marketing, but for an entire strategy to start her business using only the internet as a platform. We sat down and assessed her needs, goals, and capabilities. Having 2000 brides run through the door would run her right out of business since she couldn’t give each of them the premium experience she was selling. So we set about starting a highly targeted lead generation campaign in parallel with a branding campaign.

First, we knew that for her to continue working with us, she would need to line up some potential clients quickly. We turned to Facebook and ran a Facebook advertising campaign that generated quadruple digit return on investment percentages. At the same time, we started a Facebook fan page for her business that went viral, and received nearly 1000 likes from the Phoenix area in just 1 week.

However, the key to a business like Riette’s is ongoing leads. She may talk to someone today who won’t get married for a year. So, we started positioning her as an authority on Google for all of the local venues, and created a high converting website that would interest people, and capture the information of those interested. On average, people look at over 7 pages on her site, and spend over 3:00 looking at her venues.

Over a year later, Riette is still a client and is looking to expand her business using the Full Speed method.