Going Under The Radar: Exploiting Market Weaknesses

Full Speed takes creative marketing very seriously. When your competitors are Goliaths, we really shine. Instead of competing with them directly, we’ll find new and innovative ways to find where they are weak in their market, and engineer ways you can excel — all while still playing clearly on the “White Hat” side of the fence.

The Silver ChronicleOne of the websites we manage is called The Silver Chronicle. It’s a great source of information if you’re new to investing in precious metals like Silver and Gold bullion. However, the niche is extremely competitive because there are often very, very large sums of money involved. It’s not uncommon for someone to invest six figures into these assets. The advertising budgets involved are intimidating to say the least. So how does a company in the 99% take on a company in the 1%?

Subversive SEO TechniquesThe word revision literally derives from Latin meaning “To see again”. Day in and day out, we look for different ways to see things. In this case, we had to revise what an advertising budget meant to us. Because Silver Chronicle’s competitors had huge budgets and margins, we couldn’t go toe to toe with them. Instead, we noticed a surprising trend in the market: On small quantities, their prices were significantly higher than large quantities. They charged more than $10 just to ship a few coins. On top of that, they had a minimum order quantity; at almost all of the top competitors, it was impossible to spend less than $62.

So, we took some of advertising budget and used it to purchase a popular item that the other competitors had tremendous mark up on. The items will actually be sold at break even, or at a very small loss. This is intentional. The loss is simply the advertising budget for this project. Selling this popular item with no minimum order quantity and reasonable shipping is news worthy. We immediately issued a press release, and reached out to some extremely vocal precious metal investors about our insanely low prices. Here’s roughly how the math works out. We’ve still only seen the tip of the iceberg, but here’s how you can calculate just a few of the metrics.

Total Product Budget:  $1000

Total Recuperated After Sale: $950 (Sold for 5% net Loss)

4 Hours Shipping Product: $40

Press Release: $200

Total Cost: $290 Dollars

Now, simply extrapolate your cost per link:

$290 Dollars Total Cost

——————————-           =   $29 Dollars/Link

Example: 10 Links


Then, finally the most important consideration is how much it helps your rankings, traffic and net profit. If you move from the end of the second page to the bottom of the first page, you could pay for the whole campaign in a single transaction in this niche.