Web Strategy

Web Strategy

Web Strategy is the umbrella term given to anything that happens on the internet related to your marketing. After all, you can throw anything up on the internet and most of the time it will stick, but does it follow your strategy, adhere to your brand goals and create the perception that you’re a leader in your industry? If it doesn’t it should, and that’s where we can help.

We have top level services in Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, and reputation management. It doesn’t matter what your problem is on the internet, we have the tools and skills to solve your problems.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the art of creating a site that easily read by Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, then promoting it so that it shows up on top of the page for searches related to your business. Contrary to what many other agencies may tell you, SEO doesn’t “just happen”. It’s an ongoing process that requires strategy, time, and money to work. When was the last time you put a page on the internet and received a flood of qualified visitors from the search engines? Most likely never. Finding your customers via organic searches is one of the best ways to acquire new clients and make sales.

Full Speed has been optimizing websites for years and our clients enjoy stable rankings from update to update because our proprietary blend of common sense and advanced tactics keeps us well ahead of the competition. We’ve never had a client site penalized, banned, or removed from the index. Instead, our clients reap the benefits of first page rankings that directly contribute to their bottom line. Anyone can get you on the first page for something, it’s about getting you on the first page for something that makes sales that’s difficult, and where Full Speed accelerates beyond the competition. Read More…

Social Media

One of the hottest buzz words in the last couple of years has been social media. This is largely in part because a few people had great success with it, and some savvy marketers noticed it was very difficult to show a positive return on investment from it. Thusly, the social media bubble was created. Very poorly skilled people set out in droves to sell people on Twitter pages, Facebook pages, and various other things they didn’t need. Traditional business felt like they would be left behind if they didn’t embrace this new technology.

Full Speed marketing takes a very different look at Social Media. Instead of pitching you on some kind of intangible value about your “brand” or your “presence”, we hold our Social Media department to the same high standards of analysis¬† that we do our search marketing department. It’s just one of the many ways the Full Speed is different. Click here to read more about our Social Media offerings…

Reputation Management

Unfortunately, as much as the internet is empowering consumers, it sometimes hurts businesses. Never before in history has someone been able to reach so many people so quickly and cheaply. Suddenly, they can shout about their bad experience or unhappiness from the highest mountain top to tens of thousands of people — even if you made the situation right. At Full Speed we firmly believe that the best reputation management is excellent customer service, however if that fails, we have the methods to keep your online reputation tip top, even if you have detractors. Our extremely discrete client list includes everyone from reality television show stars to political candidates.

You can read about our industry leading reputation management service here…