Social Media

For years, Full Speed marketing has been a curmudgeon on Social media for one reason: the return on investment was paltry compared to other methods available. Most people do not have an unlimited marketing budget, and to spend up to 50% of your time and money on something that will produce only 20% of the results just didn’t make sense to us, or our clients.

Today, Full Speed has developed a method to both track, and develop your social media campaigns so you see the highest return on investment. Our strategy centers around user engagement, not around “blasting” them with marketing messages. We want to create an association with your product or service that is so strong people feel compelled to shop with you just as they would feel compelled to shop with a close of friend. Of course, that’s only half the battle. We’ll make sure that when they’re ready to spend money your website is inviting, easy to use, and makes people feel as if they are indeed shopping with a close friend.

Let us setup a social media campaign for you today. We’ve got some great examples of how you can use Social Media to directly increase your bottom line. Fill out the form to the right, and let’s talk about how your company can interact with customers both new and old.